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NEW - September 2000 Updates

Sep. 14, 2000
Henderson appointed by IOC.  Former head of '96 Bid, who admitted to corrupt bid practices in a 1990 interview, has been appointed to the IOC Executive.

February 2000 Updates

Feb. 16, 2000
Bid Fails.  Proposals fail to meet Council's minimum social and financial standards.

January 2000 Updates

Jan. 13, 2000
CBC Dumps Critics.  TO-Bid seems so frightened by respected critics, like B'n'C, that they refused to sit on the same panel with them.

January 1999 Updates

Jan. 9, 1999
SLOC Members Resign.  The Sleaze and corruption scandle is picking up steam and now even His Excellency, the Marques de Samaranch is accused of taking bribes.

Jan. 15, 1999
New TO-Bid CEO? Michael Bitove Jr. is now rumoured to be the new TO-Bid CEO.

November Updates

Lord of The Rings -- Toronto Chapter: Godfrey & Eyton Exit Skydome Financial Mess

Will They, or Won't They: B'n'C Requests Speaking Rights at the TO-Bid Board meeting

December Updates

More Olympic Sleaze: The tales of bids being awarded by bribes is finally coming out into the mainstream.

Sports media start asking questions: Finally a member of the Toronto (Canada) news media is beginning to ask some basic questions about the Toronto bid for the 2008 Games.

On the Waterfront: The Toronto Harbour Commission vetoes TO-Bid's plans to build the Olympic AthletesVillage on prime industrial waterfront property.

IOC Bribery Scandal Investigation Whitewash.  Canadian IOC member is in charge of investigating his own committee, how fair and honest will that be?

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