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Salt Lake City Scandal REPORT

The "inside" report on the Salt Lake City scandal is at:

Warning that this is not an independent report, but a report commissioned by the SLOC.

There is some fascinating information in it, nonetheless. Canada's own Mahmoud
Al Farnawani is prominently featured, including his role in facilitating a
series of cash payments to the relative of an IOC member.

On the Mahmoud Al Farnawani front, it's interesting to check out the latest
"ethics" report from Salt Lake City, which is posted to the official 2002
website. The ethics panel was appointed by the "trustees" for the bid, so
don't expect much in the way of thorough investigation. However, even with
the careful and measured tones of that report, Mahmoud is clearly mentions
as being associated with at least one $15,000 or so "gift" from the "overly
generous" Salt Lake bid committee. He is clearly named as having set up the
bribe. As well, the Haggman's are prominently mentioned in the SLOC report.
Perhaps this information should be drawn to the attention of Toronto's own Mr.
Clean - Mr. Justice Dubin.

Again, an independent forensic audit is clearly needed for Toronto's failed 1996 bid.

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