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SkyDome Fiasco
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SkyDome Fiasco, A Sign of Things to Come?

Toronto's now infamous SkyDome, a $600 Million financial disaster, recently filed for creditor protection under Canada's Bankruptcy laws. The same people that pushed for its construction in the 1980s, and then served on its board of directors until very recently, are now the main players on Toronto's team to bid for the 2008 Summer Olympic games. The parallels between the SkyDome stadium's fate and the greed and corruption that plagued the financially troubled Montreal Olympics are stunning.

The newspaper articles listed here will give you a detailed look at the problems that face the SkyDome and the probable financial folly that hosting a Summer Olympics will cause in Toronto. For more information on Mega-projects and their affects on cities check out Dr. Kris Olds' essay Urban Mega-Events, Evictions and Housing Rights: The Canadian Case, or read Noll and Zimbalist's Are New Stadiums Worth the Cost?

For pictures and other building related information, check out the SkyDome's offical website.

 November 1998

  • Gillick confirms interest
    The Globe & Mail Nov 30
  • New bid to buy the Jays
    The Star Nov 29
  • Disaster looms for teams
    The Star Nov 29
  • When liabilities exceed assets it's time to look for protection The Star Nov 28
  • Contracts with backers big drain, stadium says Globe & Mail Nov 28
  • Court props up collapsing SkyDome Globe & Mail Nov 28
  • SkyDome may need $40-million facelift Globe & Mail Nov 28
  • Toronto could see sports monopoly
    Globe & Mail Nov 28
  • Tax-break plan draws fire
    The Star Nov 28
  • SkyDome saga a sad tribute to its time
    Globe and Mail Nov 27
  • Dome seeks court protection
    Globe & Mail Nov 27
  • Jays more attractive to buyers
    Globe & Mail Nov 27
  • Owners of SkyDome to seek court shelter from stadium debts Globe & Mail Nov 26
  • SkyDome: Why can't it turn a profit?
    The Globe & Mail Nov 25
  • SkyDome served notice of default
    The Star Nov 12
  • SkyDome pondered creditor protection
    The Star Nov 5
  • December 1998

  • Dome Urged to Take Offer
    The Globe & Mail Dec. 12
  • Dome asks for time to consider offer
    The Globe & Mail Dec. 11
  • Offer for SkyDome Weak, Major Owner Decides
    The Globe & Mail Dec 8
  • Dome bid far above valuation
    The Star Dec 8
  •  Ex-Jays Gillick in $100 million 'bombshell' bid The Star Dec 5

    October 1998

  • SkyDome fears grow as Jays threaten to leave The Star Oct 31
  • Threat comes at worst time for SkyDome
    Globe & Mail Oct 31
  • Toronto NFL bidder remains confident
    Globe and Mail Oct 28

    August 1998

  • SkyDome's Boss Faces Tough Challenge
    The Star Aug 21

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