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A Toronto Olympic Report Card

From Bread Not Circuses (B'n'C)

February 8th, 1999

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A. Public Participation

Full information,
Public meetings,
Intervenor funding,


          David Crombie remains the public face of the bid, but business interests (including those of Skydome fame) are behind the scenes. The City has made a few attempts at public consultation, but bid organizers have shown little interest in incorporating the Olympic Standards developed. Lots of work needed!!!

B. Financial Guarantees

Recovery of public funds,
Independentaccounting, Corporate share of risk,
Clean bid.


          Total failure to release financial information. Also failure on the part of the City to follow-up on its demand for full disclosure. Release of the audit for the Sydney 2000 games has added to the concern. T.O. Bid is awarding contracts and borrowing money from the government without having financial systems in place.

C. Social/Gender Equity

Protection for the most Vulnerable,
Harassment and violence free.


          Despite stated intentions, the Bid committee has done no work to assess the social impacts of the Games or urban developments associated with them (2 1/2 years have past!). Experience from other cities shows that the Games & associated developments will have adverse impact on the city's most vulnerable citizens.

D. Environment Health

Environmental assessment,
Air and water quality,
Green construction.


          Despite the well publicized idea of a "waterfront" Olympics, little work has been done to date to ensure environmental standards. Although many proposed sites have contamination problems, strategies for remediation have not been made public. Significant work needs to be done!

E. Employment

No job loss,
Protect industrial lands,
Union hiring,
Contract compliance,
Wage protection.


          Employment impact of the Games has not been assessed. Although the bid holds out hope for construction jobs and service sector employment, strategies need to be developed that will ensure long term, high quality sustainable jobs, rather than a short term boom and a growing dependence on mega-projects.
Comments to Citizens:  Despite demands from supporters of the Bid that the city show unconditional support for the proposal, organizers have done little to gain the trust of Toronto's residents. Without a more open and accountable process the bid runs the risk of following in the financial footsteps of its big brother Sydney, or having social problems similar to those of sister Atlanta.  
Bread Not Circuses is a coalition of Toronto groups and individuals concerned about the
Toronto Canada 2008 Olympic Bid


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