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A coalition of groups concerned about Toronto's 2008 Olympic Bid

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Official Olympic Sites

International Olympic Committee (IOC)
Olympic Studies Center
Canadian Olympic Association (COA)

Toronto's 2008 Bid Sites
Toronto City Council Olympics Page
TO-Bid Site I -
"Expect the Worst"
TO-Bid Site II

Other Bids For 2008

Beijing, China
Buenos Aires, Argentina
Istanbul, Turkey
Monterrey, Mexico
Osaka, Japan
Paris, France

Canadian Cities Bidding 
For the 2010 Winter Games
Vancouver (Endorsed by COA)
Calgary (Losing Bid)
Quebec (Losing Bid)

Cities Hosting Future Games

Salt Lake City, USA (winter) 2002

Athens, Greece 2004
- (english)

Turin Italy (winter) 2006
- (english)

 Unofficial Sites

Andrew Jennings Homepage.  The author of the New Lords of  the Rings.

A-Space. A local Toronto artist run gallery that supports BnC.

C4LD Original host of the BnC site. Great source of information on Toronto Politics.

Turin Italy's Noolympics! 2006 Committee since 1997 STRONGLY opposed to Turin 2006 Winter Games project. Everything about what's happening in the "dirty games" preparations and more.

Australia Anti-Olympic Alliance opposed to the Olympic Games and active in organising protests and events to highlight the negative impact of the games and the racism and social injustices in Sydney & Australia.

Shelter New South Wales (NSW). A Housing advocacy group, based in Australia. They are concerned about the Sydney 2000 games and their affect on housing issues and mass evictions.

PISSOFF Australia P.eople I.ngeniously S.ubverting the S.ydney O.lympic F.arce - an adhoc, dynamic group of activists and campaigners who are working on issues exacerbated (or highlighted) by the Sydney 2000 Olympic games.

Date Smarter Guide An unofficial sponsor of the Sydney 2000 Olympic games. Helping Olympians make smart choices when dating.

Greenpeace Australia. Reports on how 'Green' The Olympics are.

Helsinki Anti-Olympic Committee. Founded in Dec. 1997 as the Helsinki city council was about to approve applying for the 2006 Winter Olympics together with Lahti, Finland, and Lillehammer,Norway.

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