Bread Not Circuses
A coalition of groups concerned about Toronto's 2008 Olympic Bid

Public Breakfast and Rally

Fri. July 13, 2001

7 am - 11 am

Toronto East Portlands
South-east corner Commissioner and Cherry St.
(in front of the proposed Olympic Stadium site)


All Welcome

Get the latest info:

BNC recently published "The People's Anti-Olympic Bid Book: Stop Playing Games with Toronto" (Feb. 28)

The Toronto Olympic bid group, TO-Bid, may not make their Bid book public, but BNC's is available to all.

The People's Bid Book discusses:

  • How promised social and affordable housing is just hot air
  • What the real public costs of the Games will be
  • What's happening with sports and recreation in the City today and how the Olympics won't help
  • How the TO-Bid is winning a gold medal in secrecy Be a part of the Discussion and strategies.

Come to the Rally to raise your voice, express your concerns, and hear more info!

All are welcome, including children.

Be a part of the international Anti-Olympic protest

Ask your questions.
Get the real answers.
Be a part of the Campaign to Stop Toronto's 2008 Olympic bid.

Hear about:
Misplaced priorities!
Huge financial costs with no real benefits!
Evictions, loss of affordable housing! Targeted policing and civil liberties violations!
Corporations that don't want to pay for the environmental clean-up

For information contact: BNC 410-2267

For more information, call BNC at 416-410-2267
or e-mail us at

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Updated: July 5, 2001