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Next B'n'C Meeting

The next Event sponsored by Bread Not Circuses will be a Public Meeting
FEATURING info on our recent meeting with the IOC and the just-publshed "People's Anti-Olympic Bid Book: Stop Playing Games with Toronto"

Tuesday, May. 8, 2001, 7:00pm
east-end Toronto (location TBA)

All welcome!

TO-Bid Public Information Meetings

TO-Bid Focus Group Meetings

TO-Bid's Board of Directors Meeting Schedule:

Monday Jan. 22, 2001 - 5:00pm
Monday May 14, 2001 - 5:00pm

Locations to be announced

These meetings are open to the public.

Phone TO-Bid for further details: 416-603-2008


September 2001 - Winning Bid Announcement to be made in Moscow
Spring 2001 - IOC selection of 4 finalists
February 2000 - Official Bid Submission to the IOC
June 1999 - IOC to approve 2008 Games Bids
December 3, 1998 - Province of Ontario Endorses Bid 'In Principle'
November 1998 - Focus Groups held (Social Equity, Fianancial Impacts, Transportation, Cultural Programming, etc.)
September-October 1998 - Public Consultation Process Begins
September 1, 1998 - First TO-Bid Board of Directors Meeting
July 8, 1998 - Toronto City Council Approves COA Olympic Bid Contract
April 17, 1998 - COA back's Toronto's 2008 Olympic Bid
March 4, 1998 - Toronto City Council Gives Approval 'In Principle'


TO-Bid Focus Group Meetings

City of Toronto Staff, in consultation with TO-Bid and COA staff will be holding a series of focus group meetings to gather public input inot the six key areas of the Olympic Priniciples. "The major task of these focus groups will be to develop a series of guiding Olympic Prinicples related to the 6 key areas, describing a "wish list" of legacies related to each area, and determinig priorities for the legacies." (Joe Halstead, The 2008 Toronto Olympic Bid - Public Consultation, Memo July 7, 1998)

The full list of focus group meetings is as follows: TOPIC LOCATION DATE TIME Social Equity Metro Reference Library Sat.Nov 7, 1998 10am-5pm
Environment         York Quay Centre--
                    Lakeside Terrace                 Sat.Nov 7, 1998  10am-5pm

Venues              Exhibition Place--
Fountain Dining Room Queen Elizabeth Building Sat.Nov 7, 1998 10am-5pm Financial Impacts North York Civic Centre Sat.Nov14, 1998 10am-5pm Transportation Metro Hall -- 27th Floor Sat.Nov14, 1998 10am-5pm Cultural- Programming Design Exchange Sat.Nov14, 1998 10am-5pm

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