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* July 6, 2001 * One page

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The International Olympic Committee will decide Toronto's future on July 13.

The Olympics will be the largest most costly mega-project in the history of the City. The public will pay the tab. The Games bring a negative social impact: tenant evictions, homeless sweeps, police harassment and the list goes on. The 2008 Olympic Bid has been fuelled by misleading statements and half-truths. We've been told the Olympics won't cost the public a penny, but Olympic boosters now need $6 million to pay for the Games. We've been told that Toronto is a diverse multi-cultural city, but the Mayor's racist statements revealed the racist underbelly of the Bid and that our city's ethno-racial diversity is a mere commodity to sell the Bid. There are many, many reasons to oppose Toronto's Olympic bid.

Send your own message to the International Olympic Committee. Let them hear your concerns direction.

Mail, Fax, phone or email the IOC in Moscow:

World Trade Centre (Mezhdunarodnaya Hotel)
12 Krasnopresnenskaya nab.,
Moscow 123610

Tel: 7 095 253 11 40
Fax: 7 095 253 91 87

E-mail: try
or send a message via the World Trade Centre in Moscow:

Here's this weeks letter sent by the Bread Not Circuses Coalition.

An Open Letter to the International Olympic Committee

June 25, 2001

Dear Mr. Samaranch and members of the International Olympic Committee

We are writing to you with a simple message: No Olympics in Toronto!

Many promises have been made about the supposed benefits of bringing the Games to our city. We hear about new affordable housing or creating a debt-free Games. There is a long string of deceptions, misleading statements and half-truths underpinning the Toronto Olympic bid. It's time for a reality check.

We've been told that the bidding for the Olympics won't cost the taxpayers a penny. The reality is Toronto's Olympic boosters need an extra $6 million in government support to pay for the Olympic bid.

Polls show that over 84% of Torontonians oppose a public debt for the Olympics. 55% of Canadians oppose spending taxpayers money to help with the Bid.

We've been told that Toronto is a city that celebrates its multiculturalism and ethno-racial diversity. Yet, the Mayor of Toronto, Mel Lastman has made outrageous racist comments about his trip to Kenya where he was lobbying African IOC delegates. His comments include that he imagined himself "in a pot of boiling water with all these natives dancing around me". Toronto's etho-racial diversity is a mere commodity used to sell the Bid.

The reality is that the Olympics will bring public debt, tenant evictions, the loss of affordable housing stock, short-term jobs, no long-term growth for our City, increased harassment by the police against people of colour and increased violence against women. Rule 40 in your Olympic Charter will impose a great debt on our city. We will be left holding the bag. The Olympics only bring more sports-palaces and benefits for the corporate sponsors. Our public money needs to go to our real priorities - not the priorities of the IOC.

The Coalition will hold the Olympic organisers accountable. Difference between the Olympic-sized promises and the reality of Toronto's day-to-day life means that opposition to the Olympics will grow. Direct actions against the Games will be organised.

It is time to stop playing Games with Toronto.

Bread Not Circuses

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